Lovestruck woman puts heartfelt plea on Facebook for mystery commuter to ask her out

A lovelorn commuter who developed a crush on a man she sees every day boarding her tram has publicly appealed for the stranger to get in touch.

The woman put her desperate plea out on social media, hoping either the mystery man sees it or someone who knows who he is.

Her plight caught the attention of several people who wished her well, Manchester Evening News wrote.

The woman’s Facebook post read: “The guy wearing the brown scarf on the daily commute Prestwich to Manchester St Peter’s Square tram.

“Every day we get on and off the tram together and every day I wish you’d ask me out.

“I’m the girl who dropped her files last week and you helped me pick them up.

“Talk to me!”

She added she was going to be in a local bar for a chat, should he either spot her post or be interested in meeting up.

Well wisher Jacqueline Woodhouse replied: “Aww I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope he’s single and reads this post. Good luck.

“You are very brave considering you’ll have to get the tram on Monday, could be awkward.”

Another romantic hopeful, Natalie Dickson posted: “Well done for plucking up the courage to ask and post, hope he is available and you meet and really hit it off good luck we all love to love.”

Another joked: “All the partners of men with brown scarves are paranoid their man has been flirting on the tram.

“On a serious note, hope it all works out.”

Another showed how their situation can lead to happy endings – although her story had a sting in the tail.

She said: “Many years ago this young guy used to get on my bus every morning.

“Some time later I started a new job and who was working in the same office? Yes, the guy from the bus!

“Cut to the end of the story….he married my sister.”

Her plea also caught the attention of a local restaurant who offered the would-be couple a free meal out.

Whitefield restaurant Campo Blanco, owned by Aaron and Faye Cummins, posted: “If you end up meeting and going on a first date, your full meal will be on us.”

Aaron added: “I think it’s just nice to support new relationships, we have had engagements, anniversaries and wedding receptions at the restaurant – it’s a romantic place.

“And we serve tapas – which is great for sharing.”