Mum dies after weight-loss surgery in Turkey as warning issued about risks of op

A mum in her 30s has died in Turkey after reportedly having weight-loss surgery in the country.

The mum, who comes from Dublin, Ireland, passed away after a bariatric operation.

The cause of death has not been confirmed yet.

Her family, who are in Turkey, are working to expatriate her body back home.

According to, they are receiving consular assistance from Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

The department confirmed multiple Irish people have died this year after travelling to Turkey for medical procedures but would not provide an exact number, reports Dublin Live.

The DFA said: “[The Department] is aware that some citizens have experienced complications in the course of their treatment in Turkey, and a number have died following medical procedures.”

Huge waiting lists and a lack of availability of some procedures in Ireland and the UK have seen people increasingly look to travel abroad for surgery.

However, DFA has warned anyone thinking of traveling for medical procedures to make themselves aware of all of the risks and benefits and to discuss their plans carefully with their own doctor, dentist or specialist beforehand.

They added: “Individuals should also familiarise themselves with any follow-up treatment or process that may be required, and be aware that they may encounter communication difficulties in a non-English speaking environment.”

The Foreign Office recently revealed 20 Brits have died during medical tourism trips to Turkey since January 2019.

Meanwhile British surgeons have spoken about the increasing number of patients they come across who have received botched weight loss surgery in Turkey.

At a medical conference earlier this year every bariatric surgeon in the room reported problems treating patients returning from Turkey with complications.

Serious issues can include internal bleeding, hernias and infections that require emergency surgery.

Other patients need ongoing dietary support as they struggle with common problems like acid reflux.

Waiting lists for NHS weight-loss surgery are up to five years, while private surgery in the UK costs up to £12,000.

In comparison, people struggling to lose weight can buy procedures such as gastric sleeves and bypasses for £3,000 at some Turkish hospitals, including hotels and flights.

But surgeons told the Mirror they are seeing a “continuous stream” of patients needing help – with some seriously ill Brits told by Turkish medics to fly home and head straight to an NHS hospital.

Two heartbroken families meanwhile spoke of their suffering after loved ones hoping to slim down never returned, warning: “It’s not worth it”.